The Idea is a curated online portfolio for a community of photographers dedicated to fine art photography through the medium of film and analogue materials. We believe in the soul of the picture, the emotion in the image and the creation of an image that represents our vision of the time and space it was captured. 

Through this website, we hope to grow a community of fine art photographers, present insight into the world of photography through our eyes, and sell one-off photographic prints from our members.

Style & Quality

Film photography is in limbo, there’s an uprising in popularity in serious amateurs and professionals and there’s a worrying decline in the use of the analogue medium for fine art photography. 

The arguments for and against are endless, but we stand strong against digital capture and continue to explore the artistic process through the film process.


Have you ever seen a black and white silver-gelatin print with your own eyes? There’s a soul and a depth to them that nothing has replicated yet.

The work that goes into the final print you may be lucky enough to have on your wall is enormous. Finding the image, visualisation, capturing the image, developing the negative and then working tirelessly in the darkroom to achieve the final image. Every print is special; minute differences in timing, chemistry, dodging, burning and framing means that you always end up with a unique work of art.

Film is alive, it always has been and as long as it still exists, we’ll continue to document life through the still image. allFT is a collective of photographer-members devoted to the art of film photography, providing our work to the public through this outlet and our online art gallery. Digital has its place in the world, but we believe that all analog format photography still holds the key to representing the true expression of the artist. 

With our cloud-office based in West London we are always looking for photographers and writers to work alongside, support and collaborate with.

Coffee and Photobooks Week 49

The time of the week where I share the coffee and photobook that has got me through the last 7 days. Also, this post marks the 1 year anniversary of #jmosweeklycoffeeandphotobook !! This week’s photobook ties into a resolution I made at New Years to share more zines – entitled Hiver à Betroth (Winter in Beirut) by Adam Constantine. A really innovative, broadsheet newspaper style zine…

Coffee and Photobooks Week 48

Happy Easter / Spring / Etc.  This week’s photobook is Hotel Impasse Syria by Krass Clement. A striking set of images shot in Syria in 2001 – after which Clement planned to go back to the country to finish the project. For obvious reasons he never got the chance. I had the pleasure of meeting Krass Clement in Belfast recently where…

Coffee and Photobooks Week 47

Don’t worry, there won’t be a repeat performance of last week. Promise. This week’s photobook is ZZYZX (pronounced Zizicks) by Gregory Halpern. It took me a long time before I went for this book (not sure why), but eventually I did and I am so glad. Photobookstore’s best selling book of 2016 is a fresh look at…

Shooting In Downtown Chicago with Fuji Neopan 400

Hey guys Cameron here and today’s blog will be about a little trip I took to Chicago, Illinois this past week! I normally don’t do street photography but was challenged quite a bit by a friend who was constantly photographing everyone interesting that he saw. So after warming up to photographing strangers I took a few…

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